Be sure about your insurance.

smartWe have chosen the destination, the flight tickets and hotel are booked, now we choose the car hire company we trust the most. We select the number of days, the car and any extra such as GPS, child seats, etc., but…..

Do we need to choose the full insurance?

Most car rental companies include a ‘basic’ car insurance in their car hire price. This insurance would only cover the main driver and passengers as well as the damages to the other vehicle involved in any accident. Any other damage or road assistance, etc., would not be included in the ‘Basic’ insurance and this can have an excess of up to 3000€. Also, as a general rule you would have an amount blocked on your credit card from between 950€ to 1900€ depending on the rental company chosen and which would then be held as a deposit for any possible charges.

However, we would always have the option to select am additional insurance to have Full cover which would not only cover any damages to the vehicle mentioned above but it would also mean that you do not need to leave any deposit of up to 1900€ as the car hire company would then be covered for the charges occurred in the event of an accident.

This additional insurance varies between 13€ and 25€ a day depending on the car rental company. Therefore you would be fully covered, have total peace of mind and would not have any amount blocked on your account for around 13€ a day. Don’t you think it’s worth it?

Below you will find a price comparison between Centauro rent a car and other car hire companies regarding the additional insurance prices.

comparativa Seguros-EN

As you can see, Centauro Rent a Car offers highly competitive prices compared to other companies in the sector.

One other thing to take into account regarding the ‘Full’ insurance is with who you select this option with. If you have made the reservation through a third party , i.e. not made directly on the rental car website, the insurance although may seem cheaper can cause problems when reclaiming any payments you have had to make in case of an accident and would not exempt you from the block on your account of up to 1900€. So, for these reasons even if you make your booking using another supplier we highly recommend that you select your insurance option directly with the car rental company.

Centauro Rent a Car

Centauro Rent a car at the 2015 Berlin ITB, one of the world’s biggest travel trade fairs.

ITB2015 Centauro Rent a CarCentauro Rent a car at the 2015 Berlin ITB, one of the world’s biggest travel trade fairs.

It’s one of the world’s leading travel and tourism trade fairs where once again the travel industry will show all the latest novelties and trends within the travel world.

This trade fair is an important date for the travel industry with the best professionals and travel industry experts in attendance. A great place to visit for the public too.

Centauro Rent A Car could not miss this date! Come and visit us at Hall 4.2 at the Valencia Stand!

P.D. If you need a car for this trade fair, on our webpage you can reserve one from just 21€ a day 😉

Warning lights on your dashboard, what each of them mean.

Do you know what each icon means on your dashboard? Well from now every vehicle is obliged to display these icon!


Centauro have come up with a useful list to let you know what each warning light means:

  • Hand brake and/or breaking system


  • Alternator


  • Break Pads


  • ABSabs


  • Cooling fluid temperature


  • Oil pressure


  • Power steering


  • Airbagairbag


  • Seat Belt


  • Automatic gearbox


  • Emissions failure


  • Particle filters


  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program)esp


  • Tyre pressure/Flat tyre


  • Fuel level


  • Lightbulb failure


  • Ice on the road


  • Stop&Start not available


  • Windshield wiper fluid empty


  • Stop recommended to take a rest


  • Full beam


  • Automatic headlights


  • LDW- Lane departure warning system


  • Cruise control


  • Assistant for blind spot


  • Press the break ( to reléase the P position on automatic cars)-


  • Fog lights


  • Recommended gear


We hope this is helpful to you wherever you drive 😉

Centauro joins the support group Anémona on International Breast Cancer Awareness day.

On the 19th October it was International Breast Cancer awareness day and the support group Anémona had organized throughout the whole month of October a series of activities to help and support women suffering from the disease and also to grow awareness of the importance of early detection, which fortunately, even more women manage to overcome.

Their main event held on the 19th was a walk which they call “Muévete con Anémona’’ (Move with Anémona).We leave you with some photos of this immensely popular event and also some useful indications on how to check yourself at home with an easy self-examination.

Centauro together with Anémona Support group for the prevention of breast cancer.



This year Centauro will once again be present at one of the most important Tourism Trade Fairs in the world.

WTMThe World Travel Market (WTM) begins on  the 3rd November attended by the most important companies within the travel sector. Centauro will be there to   meet and negotiate with the best  Brokers, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies worldwide  in order to continue to offer the most complete service to all our customers.

You can follow everything that’s happening at the World Travel Market and locate the Centauro desk on the WTM web page.

Centauro is growing close to you, driving the world.

Top 10 weird & wonderful driving laws from around the world

These laws maybe accurate or not but in any case it has given us a good excuse to make a funny post:

  1. Double up: In Spain if you wear glasses you must also carry a spare pair in the car4
  2. The 7th day was made for rest: In Switzerland its forbidden to wash your car on a Sunday10
  3. But… it’s daytime!: In Sweden you must have you headlights switched on during the day as well as the night, even during periods when is daytime 24hrs,1
  4. Keep Calm!: In Cyprus you can be fined for making any offensive gesture with your arm out of the window.2
  5. Keep Clean!:In Russia the police can fine you if your car is dirty3
  6. Love they pets: In Kansas you can travel in your car with farm poultry as long as they are alive.8
  7. Lucky lottery: In the Philippines, there is so much traffic that they have restricted use depending on the car number plate given. For example, if your plate ends in 1 or 2 then you cannot drive your car on a Monday.Lottokugeln fliegen auf blauem Hintergrund
  8. No spam: In Canada, it’s illegal to have a ‘for sale’ sign displayedhalf-car
  9. In Alaska, you cannot drive a vehicle with a dog tied to the roof what?-no comment!7
  10. Zebra’s crossing: In South Africa you can be fined for not giving way to an animal9

Wishing all Centauro customers a great weekend!

Centauro rent a car

Summer 2015 prices are now available!

From today you can make your Car Hire reservation for next Summer 2015 on our websiteMake your reservation with peace of mind, we offer no amendment or cancellation fees.

Book early now and take advantage of the amazing prices we have and offering a wide range of vehicles to suit any need.

Join the latest craze with a #selfiecentauro and a free 3 day rental could be yours!


This summer if you are a Centauro customer you have a chance of winning a free 3 day rental. You just need to take a ‘Seflie’ with your Centauro hire car, stood next to it, inside it, include your holiday sights….be creative!

We are looking for something original…. The more shares or likes your ‘selfie’ gets on social media could win you a free rental for a long weekend or a short break.

What you need to do:

  1.  Make a ‘Selfie’ with your Centauro car, the more original your picture..the better!
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  4. Choose 3 days and take a little trip from any of our offices: Mallorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Alicante, Benidorm, Torrevieja, Murcia, Barcelona or Malaga.

We look forward to welcoming you!


*The car group will depend on the availability of the office chosen for collection.
*We will announce the winner during the first week of September.
*By entering the competition Centauro has the right to use your photo for other promotions and/or on any of our social network sites.
*The prize winner will receive a voucher for the free rental days (there is no expiry date but will be subject to availability on the dates requested)
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